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Bromeliads Southern Africa is a plant nursery specializing in Bromeliads, owned and managed by avid Gardener, Orchid and Bromeliad collector Maggie Vergottini. The nursery is situated in the Garden Route Area of South Africa, in the coastal town of Mossel Bay.  The town is a popular holiday destination with great scenics and other cultural gems.  If you are a bromeliad lover, you can visit us in Mossel Bay and also experience its beauty.

The nursery and cultivating tunnels are 48km west of Mossel Bay on the Vergottini’s family farm Blandsdrift where they also breed rare game. The premises are open to the public by appointment only.  This will depend on Maggie’s availability.

Bromeliad Southern Africa by Maggie Vergotinni

Be sure to join our Facebook page and stay up to date with everything we get up to in the bromeliads space.  If you prefer Instagram, click here to visit our page. Another great source for bromeliad enthusiasts is the Bromeliad Society, click to become part of it.

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The Garden Route Bromeliad Society will be having its first meeting on the 5th of February at 10am at the Presbyterian Church hall, 8 Caledon Street, George.  Everyone is welcome from novices to collectors. Please contact me for further details :

Maggie Vergottini
082 554 7964
e-mail : info@bromeliadssa.co.za

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